In the Airplane pilot, Brandon and Callie is very first brought to each other in the dinner table


He Brandon aided Callie with navigating through school and the Promote household members. Callie spends Brandon’s cellular phone to make contact with the lady sister, Jude. Callie satisfies Brandon on audio area. He shows you so you’re able to their regarding twins relocating. Immediately after Brandon sees Callie throwing her agenda out and wandering from, the guy blows his spouse, Talya, away from and you will chases Callie.

As he eventually reaches the girl, she tells him one to she has to obtain the girl sibling. Brandon appears conflicted into whether or not to forget class or follow Callie. He ultimately decides to follow her. To their treatment for the woman previous foster father to your bus, Callie shows you to Brandon why she wound-up when you look at the a teenager delinquency that leads this lady to help you anticipate protecting Jude. In the their coming, they arrive with a plan filled with Brandon so you can distract the person if you’re Callie gets Jude. Callie experiences the back door while you are Brandon are talking to the person. The person observes Callie and begins shouting in the her. The guy takes out a tool and retains they at Brandon. He could be later safer. Regarding the car, Brandon and you may Callie are noticed thinking about each other for a short moment.

performs practicing the guitar. Callie claims you to definitely the lady mother coached her to try out it prior to she died and you will Brandon rubs this lady leg inside spirits. If you are walking household of school, God brings up Callie. Both Brandon and you may Goodness think Callie was sexy. Into a garden, Brandon assists Callie with her drums efficiency. At the

Callie takes on which was because of this lady that he says zero

nights, Brandon and you can Callie can be found in Brandon’s place making music. Will ultimately, the guy obtains a text off Talya inquiring when he manage already been over. He blows her from once more to stay having Callie resuming and then make musical and you can viewing per other people’s company.

Inside Hostile Serves, Callie suits up with Brandon. She says to your one she understands that they are considering moving together with his dad. She asks your in case it is due to this lady and Jude that they are thinking of moving which he solutions zero. When Brandon will leave to maneuver within the along with his father, Callie brings right back their keyboards. He claims you to she enjoys it.

Inside Quinceanera, Mariana requires Callie to settle the woman court. Callie believes. It is revealed that Callie will have to dancing having Brandon. Callie seems embarrassing which have Brandon and you will Talya thus she renders. Stef believes that there surely is anything happening ranging from Brandon and Callie and you can alerts your that it is resistant to the guidelines to help you hook upwards. Brandon thinks or even stating that there is nothing going on. Throughout the practice towards the Waltz, they show intimates minutes. Whenever Callie stages in brand new living area in her pink skirt, Brandon turns as much as and can’t let but look at the her. The guy tells the woman one she looks “nice” when you find yourself Talya strolls inside. Talya threatens Callie. As they are planning to carry out the entrance, Callie switches partner with Sam. From inside the dad-girl moving, Brandon requires Callie what happened. She says to him that Talya believes Callie possess thoughts to own Brandon. Brandon discusses Talya during the disgust.

Adopting the moving, Brandon tells Callie you to this woman is moving which have your. Callie efforts apologize to Brandon for just what she said from the Talya but he disregards they. Pursuing the moving, Brandon and Callie remain moving together. Talya interferes but Callie will leave. Brandon seems unfortunate whenever she do thus. Brandon grabs Talya’s hand and drags her away. Over time, they dispute. It sooner break up. During the pictures example, Callie asks Brandon on the Talya in which he claims one she remaining. A short while later, Brandon says to the woman which he dumped Talya. The guy split